Racing and Engine Supplier Improvements

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Tue, 11 Apr 2023 20:41

We're thrilled to announce a new update for iGP Manager, featuring various improvements and fixes. In this developer blog, we'll provide an overview of the key changes and updates you can expect in the game.

Re-balanced Racing

We've made significant adjustments to enhance the balance of racing, focusing on tyre performance, ride height impact, and special abilities. These changes provide a more dynamic and strategic gameplay experience, where managers must consider a variety of factors when making decisions on and off the track.

Engine Manufacturer Updates

We've introduced new features for engine manufacturers, including a more interactive applicant system for engine customers and the ability to hide or show engine tuning attributes. These updates provide manufacturers with greater control over their contracts and engine information.

User Interface and Bug Fixes

We've improved the UI hover tooltip on star ratings for desktop users, now displaying Driver Special Abilities and Chief Designer Strength and Weakness. Additionally, we've fixed numerous bugs and UI issues, such as dynamic XP updates and problems related to engine manufacturers and grid positions in Quick Races.

Weather Data Provider Change

To provide a more accurate real-time weather simulation, we've switched our weather data provider from DarkSky to OpenWeather.

Legacy Youth Driver Removal

To streamline the youth academy roster, we've removed all legacy youth drivers from 2021 and earlier.

We're confident these changes will make iGP Manager even more enjoyable and immersive. Thank you for your continuous support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the new update.

Happy racing!

Read the changelog for this update for more information.


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Marco Ehinger 1 year 60 days ago
Love this game!
md-thumbs-up  1  
Seba Nowak 1 year 60 days ago
Every update makes game worse somehow. It's getting super complicated even for me after 1700 races. The Fun factor is gone. Now you need to spend hours a day to think everything over and over again. We have jobs and families you know.
md-thumbs-up  7  
Arek Button 1 year 60 days ago
the special skill skill is too strong in my opinion. You don't stand a chance against someone like that
md-thumbs-up  1  
John Doe 1 year 60 days ago
This game heads into limbo, amazing!
Gérônim O 1 year 60 days ago
thanks for the information
Mario Rossi 1 year 61 days ago
Amazing game
md-thumbs-up  1  
Mattia Pro 1 year 61 days ago
I love this game
md-thumbs-up  2  
Εμμανουήλ Ψάλιας 1 year 61 days ago
Thanks. I love IGP.
md-thumbs-up  1  
Ayden Go 1 year 61 days ago
Thanks that’s why I love IGP Manager. New updates!
md-thumbs-up  1  
Cesar Garcia roco alvarez 1 year 61 days ago
Buena actualización un saludo.
md-thumbs-up  1  
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