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By Jack Basford
Last updated: Mon, 01 Mar 2021 21:51

Today’s update to iGP Manager introduces the ability to fully customize the appearance of drivers and staff. Ethnicity, hair styles, facial hair, hats, glasses and more can all be customized. Prior to this update, any customization was limited to picking from predefined appearances.

Also, the major update scheduled for Q1 2021 is still set to arrive before April. We’ve been working hard on this all year. The next few updates, including this one, are laying the foundation for a bright future for iGP Manager. Once they are all released, the possibilities will have expanded tremendously.

In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy this new update.

Hair - Dozens of new hairstyles and facial hairstyles have been introduced for this update, and we’ll be open to your suggestions for more to add.

Hats - A new item for iGP Manager, a wide variety of hats can be added to drivers and staff.

Glasses and other accessories - Glasses and sunglasses can also be added, and we’re open to continually expanding the range of accessories available.

If you have any suggestions to expand the list of cosmetic items available, let us know in the comments below!


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Alan Bean 146 days ago
I am familiar with the terms "overtaking" and "undertaking" but there are limits to this, it would be nice to see cars actually passing others on the race screen.
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Dawid Nowacki 146 days ago
planujecie dodać w przyszłości więcej poziomów niż 20?
md-thumbs-up  1  
Maarten de Hoog 146 days ago
Couldnt care less about how my staff or drivers look like, there is need for higher lvls to be mastered, being a lvl 20 manager is where the fun stops.

It is hard to get high lvl staff, you should be able to educate new staff, like drivers.

Having trouble keeping the pro tier alive, rookies do promote and then they start being inactive getting erased by the game.

Pls stop doing that
md-thumbs-up  9  
slow Cow 146 days ago
Get rid of BALIST
Dave Cubbedge 146 days ago
The update does not work on my iPhone. I go to edit a driver and it’s a dead page.
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Aleksandr Sheshin 146 days ago
I think that if the developers and this time with a grand update everything goes wrong, the game is waiting for a massive departure of players. Everyone is tired of empty promises.
md-thumbs-up  3  
shield Kevin Bissell 146 days ago
The servers on which this game runs have to be paid for. The owners and developers have bills to pay and families to feed and AFAIK they don't all live in Monaco and drive Ferraris. The funds to support the game have to come from somewhere, so when they introduce a cosmetic update how about instead of jumping on the keyboard and going on the offensive, you cut them some slack and appreciate the fact that unlike other apps you have a game where you can have success without paying.
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Elijah Vulcan 146 days ago
Can we get a better update, this is good but I really want a real update, you know?
md-thumbs-up  4  
Fabi Blau 146 days ago
I think this Update is completly terrible😂 it doesn't change anything for me so please make the next Update better. That would be a pleasure🤣

PS. The drivers are looking worst than before😂
md-thumbs-up  2  
Steve Adella Ripit 146 days ago
Not essential updates. How about random accident on track, safety car deployment, and other technical addition?
md-thumbs-up  6  
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