New! Driver & Staff Editor

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Mon, 01 Mar 2021 21:51

Today’s update to iGP Manager introduces the ability to fully customize the appearance of drivers and staff. Ethnicity, hair styles, facial hair, hats, glasses and more can all be customized. Prior to this update, any customization was limited to picking from predefined appearances.

Also, the major update scheduled for Q1 2021 is still set to arrive before April. We’ve been working hard on this all year. The next few updates, including this one, are laying the foundation for a bright future for iGP Manager. Once they are all released, the possibilities will have expanded tremendously.

In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy this new update.

Hair - Dozens of new hairstyles and facial hairstyles have been introduced for this update, and we’ll be open to your suggestions for more to add.

Hats - A new item for iGP Manager, a wide variety of hats can be added to drivers and staff.

Glasses and other accessories - Glasses and sunglasses can also be added, and we’re open to continually expanding the range of accessories available.

If you have any suggestions to expand the list of cosmetic items available, let us know in the comments below!


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Ss Bwoah 146 days ago

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Marco Pellegrini 146 days ago
Paperino, topolino e la banda bassotti ci sono?
Ester Clinton 146 days ago
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Pandu Winara 146 days ago
New update its not important
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Dmoro Zeal 146 days ago
100% Liked
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Javaru Hiroshi 146 days ago
Mantappp 👍👍
Dario Jp 146 days ago
Doesn anyone even know what the next big update is going address? Give us a hint that should calm us all down with this terrible update
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Pro Limotto 146 days ago
If you guys have such an issue with it dont use it lol. Some people wanted it so just let them enjoy it
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Aleksandr Sheshin 146 days ago
Yes, guys, you all cool. You promised a big update, but it turned out to be cosmetic updates with payments for everything.
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Leana Carbonelle 146 days ago
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