iGP Manager: Quick Races Introduction

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Fri, 14 Jun 2019 18:34

Quick Race mode is now available in iGP Manager! Access this brand-new feature via the Quick Race button on the home page. You will notice that this developer blog is also more of a developer vlog, part of a new series we’re working on. Check the video / vlog below where I demonstrate and explain Quick Races.

Note: Quick Race features and options will expand with future updates. This is only the beginning of a totally new way to play iGP Manager.

A second note to iOS managers: We're aware that some French, Hungarian, Portuguese and Russian managers have been unable to launch the new update. We're working on a fix, but if this happens, set the language of iOS to English (the operating system, not the app). This allow you to launch the app until we release a hotfix. It is not necessary to change the language of the game, and you can continue to play with the full translation. More info on the forum here: https://igpmanager.com/forum-thread/24204


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Wallace S. M. 1 year 218 days ago
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Austin Fic 1 year 218 days ago
I did a quick race, is it only 1 car races or can I change that somehow to race w/ both my drivers?
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Jani Milano 1 year 218 days ago

A hard rubber should be developed to use it. No quick races.
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Andrew Mah 1 year 218 days ago
Is the only reward so far being 100k in money? Or do you get more for winning?
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Kendrew Reinhart 1 year 218 days ago
It would be better if the driver doesn't get less healthy and if the cars don't get damaged.
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Casju21 Casju21 1 year 218 days ago
It would be nice, if you could invite your frinds ingame and not over any social media or with a link.
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Arcelino Pachuri massai 1 year 218 days ago
Quero mais corrida com mais emoções
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Hakan Ahmed 1 year 218 days ago
Driver experience is not updating anymore, doesnt make sense to waste engines, parts etc if their is no benefits
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Lautaro Ezequiel 1 year 218 days ago
Las carreras rápidas tienen que estar moderadas por nivel y tener un 2do perfil para saber cuantas carreras ganamos
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Longhi Luca 1 year 218 days ago
Complimenti bellissimo gioco con i nuovi aggiornamenti! Domanda...come vengono attribuiti i numeri gara dei piloti? In base al campionato precedente?
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