iGP Manager: Quick Races Introduction

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Fri, 14 Jun 2019 18:34

Quick Race mode is now available in iGP Manager! Access this brand-new feature via the Quick Race button on the home page. You will notice that this developer blog is also more of a developer vlog, part of a new series we’re working on. Check the video / vlog below where I demonstrate and explain Quick Races.

Note: Quick Race features and options will expand with future updates. This is only the beginning of a totally new way to play iGP Manager.

A second note to iOS managers: We're aware that some French, Hungarian, Portuguese and Russian managers have been unable to launch the new update. We're working on a fix, but if this happens, set the language of iOS to English (the operating system, not the app). This allow you to launch the app until we release a hotfix. It is not necessary to change the language of the game, and you can continue to play with the full translation. More info on the forum here: https://igpmanager.com/forum-thread/24204


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Mauricio Beltramo 1 year 218 days ago
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Izaias Carneiro 1 year 218 days ago
porque estava consecutivamente em primeiro mudou colocaram corridas rapidas e passei a ficar longe do podio chei no absurdo 16 lugar inacreditavel.
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De Freitas 1 year 218 days ago
Desde quando lançou corri duas corridas e estou travado não consigo acessar as corridas rápidas
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Nelson Piquet 1 year 218 days ago
Queria ver mais corridas , mais autódromos
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Ricardo Bonifacio 1 year 218 days ago
I found the update fun, but because of the schedules I could not run and recover the car and health of the drivers in time to run in the league. In the next update, please, we want more tracks and the possibility of creating short leagues with at least 10 random or previously chosen tracks. That would be very welcome. Seriously!
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James Atkins 1 year 218 days ago
I like quick races but I don't think we should have driver health, engine and parts condition going down in the races or it'll put me off doing quick races.

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Steeve Nieppe 1 year 218 days ago
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Efe Can 1 year 218 days ago
What are you doing
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Luke Pincombe 1 year 218 days ago
Nice update i think refuelling should be optional or taken out of the game because it hasnt been in F1 for the last decade and it allows tyre strategies to become more prominent
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