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Are you tired of inactive managers and hosts?

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270 days ago (Last edited by Leo Yeo 2 days ago)

OFZ manager of the season:

FZW manager of the season:

OFFICIAL Formula Zero's champions:

Formula Zero WEST's champions:

Welcome fellow IGPans, to Formula Zero's thread...
Here you can ask me for help or more info or spread the message our league promotes: staying active.

By clicking the link above, you will be sent to a spreadsheet containing all of Formula Zero's important statistics. This should be updated every race.

Over here we only have two rules:

  • Don't spend over 5 days offline
  • And have lots of fun!

Navigation Menu:
Tips for league hosts
Leagues info
Facts & Stats
The EOS write-ups
Extra info
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270 days ago (Last edited by Leo Yeo 14 days ago)
Leagues info

OFFICIAL Formula Zero

MTWTFSS at 16:00
50% race distance igp-car 2 cars per team 2.0x race speed
See league

This league is convenient for european people with time in the evening. It is considered by some to be the hardest FZ league overall.

EOS break length:
One day


Formula Zero WEST

MTWTFSS at 20:30
50% race distance igp-car 2 cars per team 2.0x race speed
See league

This league runs races in the evening for westernly players. Late races for Europeans are possible with this league. Potentially has the hardest elite tier to win a champ in of both of the two main FZ leagues

EOS break length:
One day


Formula Zero WORLD CUP

MTWTFSS at 19:30
50% race distance igp-car 2 cars per team 2.0x race speed
See league

The newest addition to the FZ family but by far the oldest league in it. FZWC has a very active elite and pro tier with rookie making progress too. The league has the highest average elite rep, making it a good place to go for xp, rp and learning new skills.

Formula Zero TEST:

Formula Zero Test League

MTWTFSS at 19:30
50% race distance igp-car 2 cars per team 1.5x race speed
See league

This FZ league is for those who either don't want to race competitively or just need to level up their teams. A great league for those who taking a break from competing.

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269 days ago (Last edited by Leo Yeo 2 days ago)

FZW fact->>>
Povi S is the only manager from FZW to win more than 4 consecutive elite championships. He reached 5.

FZ fact->>>
Peter S has the record for the most Manager of the Season awards (10).

FZ fact->>>
No manager has ever gotten more than 14 poles in a season in an FZ league.

FZ fact->>>
Only four managers in the history of the FZ leagues have ever been able to get 17 wins in one season (Sak K, Richard K, Max R & Peter S).

OFZ fact->>>
The last pro champion from OFZ to win an elite championship is Esko B who was the S23 pro champ over 10 seasons ago.

FZ fact->>>
Only Peter S and Povi S have managed to win 3 MotS awards in a row.

FZ fact->>>
Marc B has the record for the most amount of wins, 14, in a season in the elite tier any FZ league. This was achieved in S23 of OFZ.

FZW fact->>>
Hok 420 and Povi S have the record for the most amount of wins, 12, in a season in the elite tier of FZW.

FZ fact->>>
OFZ S28's MotS vote is the only one to have ended in a tie and consequently a re-vote to break the tie between Leo Y and Ariyatotle R who was the eventual winner.

FZW fact->>>
Hok 420 has the record for the most FZW championship wins at 7, his last one was in S13. The closest active manager to his tally is Povi S on 6.

FZW fact->>>
Joshua J has the record for the most elite wins in FZW, he's the only one with more than 70.

FZ fact->>>
Leo Y has the record for the highest total of elite wins in 1 FZ league (the only one at 130+) & the record for the highest total of FZ wins (170+)

FZ fact->>>
Peter S has the highest number of FZ championships at 15 (3 more than any other manager).

FZ fact->>>
Only R360 has been able to achieve more than 6 consecutive FZ championships (he achieved 8). Peter S is the closest at 5.

(these facts only refer to the OFZ & FZW league)

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269 days ago (Last edited by Leo Yeo 4 hours ago)
EOS41 OFZ write up:

S41 was very close at the beginning of the season between Mike, the brother of the second longest standing elite manager Dave J, and the freshly demoted manager with the familiar name, Luke M. The two managed to win one GP after just two rounds as the championship lead swapped hands from Mike to Luke to back to Mike again by Bahrain. It really started to seem like neither could decide who wanted 1st position more until Mike finally started to become more clinical with his races and took the lead while also pulling away. A little further down the grid some of the newer managers had their own success stories as JJ moved to 3rd position in the championship after Bahrain only to have it stolen from him by Cooper achieving his first ever FZ victory in Spain! As Mike kept pulling away and Luke continued to hold on for 2nd, Cooper was also maintaining the gap to JJ. In fact he was pulling well clear thanks to another win in Germany but unfortunately for him Europe was the big turn around where it all started to go downhill and with Max making a late charge he didn't only have JJ to worry about.

Post Italy JJ had managed to come from over 40pts behind to being in 3rd by a small margin, even if it wasn't for the championship which Mike was still dominantly leading or even promotion which Luke still had firmly locked out, it would have been a good position to be in pre-S42. And for what it's worth, he continued to outscore his American rival but it didn't take long for that to not be enough. Max, who as I mentioned was on a charge wasn't quite done yet. A win in Japan was what finally brought him into 3rd at the same time that Mike won the championship (Congrats and GL in pro). But he didn't stop there, ending off the season with another 2 wins to make it 3 wins in a row and only being 60pts off promotion despite a tough start to the season. Congrats to Luke for being the one to make through but also well done Max for producing such a brilliant comeback. I hope next season is the one that sees you move up to the middle tier!
Similarly to rookie pro was very mixed up in the first half of the season and less so in the second half. The most surprising thing was not only the championship winner but also the incredible seemingly endless battle for 2nd that eventually came into fruition by the end of the season. S41 in pro was kicked off by Rich taking the win and the championship lead even if it was only by 4 points to Orrin. Round 2 put Orrin in the lead even if it wasn't him who won the GP. Instead it was the new kid on the block, Ben getting his first pro victory and considering the guy only had 3 full seasons of experience it was a pretty early one too! And if that wasn't impressive enough another two wins and the championship lead soon came with it too! Suddenly it began to look like Ben could be about to do something only 5 managers had done before, to win the pro championship the season after winning rookie!

But it seemed Rich, the original leader of the championship was having other ideas and instead started to look like he'd deny Ben the chance to join the elite list of racers before him. Following Ben's 3 race win streak Rich came back with on of his own, but they just weren't as clear cut as Ben's so despite having more race wins Rich was still over 20 points behind the championship leader! As Rich was trying to grab back the championship and potentially win his first pro FZ championship, the fight for 3rd was getting a little chaotic. Aaron had held it after passing Orrin for quite a while only to lose it to Orrin after a solid 1-2 from him in Germany. One shouldn't ignore the fact that Stephen was also pretty close to taking 3rd after his win just the GP before too!

More GP passed and it seemed Ben always had enough to stop Rich from gaining, and eventually enough to pull away from Rich who was slowly dropping into the cold unforgiving jaws of the 3 managers below him and not showing up to races only brought them in even quicker! Stephen's ability to win every other race in the 2nd half of the season brought him up ahead of Aaron, ahead of Orrin who also got passed by Aaron and ahead of an inactive Rich. So the order literally turned on it's head! After Italy Ben had pretty much already won the championship but Stephen had massive pressure from a fast looking Aaron... so he made sure to diffuse it a little bit by extending the gap from 5pts to almost 40. Now Aaron had a battle on his hands to finally move up to elite for the first time in 400+ GP, and he made sure to put everything into it to claw the gap down. Ben winning Japan didn't help matters as the gap only came down to 22 for the final 2 rounds but he needed to do it to win the pro championship and confirm himself as only the 6th person to win pro the season after winning rookie! Wd. But the question of who would follow him up still had to be answered. Aaron or Stephen? Brazil proved to be the perfect storm for Aaron, Stephen was away meaning he could quite easily find himself in 2nd post GP, but when it was clear he also wouldn't be showing up and he also then underfuelled out of the points the picture changed completely. 1 race left and 22 points to make up. Fortunately for him another GP Stephen didn't show up to, unfortunately also another GP where he didn't quite get the points he needed! In the end the two finished 12 points apart, leaving Aaron in pro and Stephen to have a 2nd stab at elite OFZ. Thanks to both of you and Orrin and Rich for giving us a fight to remember, GL in your respective tiers!
S41 threw up a little bit of a surprise in the form of Douglas suddenly doing quite well in the championship, but his success didn't start from race one, instead the tier was greeted with another Peter win in Australia. Although interestingly the next couple of cars one stopped vs the rest of the grid on the two stop, so maybe the strategy has it's advantages and it'll be interesting to see how will choose to use it next season, even if it can't win, it could be a way to pick up some easy points!

Malaysia was another good GP for Peter and this time both Will and Esko were able to get podiums along the way to help their championships too as they slotted into 3rd and 2nd respectively. So even if the championship leader was now already a substantial 50 points ahead there was still quite a lot going on below! And before it could become a completely wrapped up championship Dave managed to get his 3rd elite FZ win bringing him into the fight for 2nd. Sadly it was also around this time the Esko revealed he wouldn't be able to show up to all of the GPs, leaving it up to the rest of the tier to beat the manager who had won 4 out of the last 4 championships! And with Peter not showing up to Bahrain it was anyone's game.

And in the end, it was Douglas who played it nearly perfectly, clinching the win on a two stop to 2 one stoppers for the 2nd time in that season alone, and somehow it also put him 2nd and 40 points back from Peter, with the amount of GP left it was entirely possible that he'd find a way to bring the fight to the Dane and give him a fight for the championship. Anyway, it was a strange GP, from what I can see no one could keep their cars together and it wasn't close at all, Spain was quite the opposite and was a far tighter race for the win. Douglas once again outscored Peter but me denying him the win meant he'd only gain 5 points. It felt good to finally have a GP and to move from 0 pts to 6th in the championship in 1 GP too!

Monaco as always in FZ was very interesting once Boost was activated but the fun fizzled out later on. Peter won from pole and also dragged 5th position from 9th in Qually. Douglas also made up some positions meaning the top 6 was entirely the top 3 teams. And while me and Douglas were trying to catch Peter, excitingly Dave, Hendrik and Will were only separated by 6 points in their squabble for 4th. Turkey would lead to Hendrik and Dave swapping positions while Peter almost doubled his championship lead in one GP! It already seemed as though once again he was on his way to an elite FZ title!

Britain was a battle between the 1 stop mediums vs the 1 stop soft runners. Me, Peter and Carl went for the mediums while the rest went softs or SS and ultimately what costed the soft runners was having no kers to defend from our better tyres and surplus of boost in the final stint. In the end there was still the win to decide between one of mine and Peter's cars and ultimately only 2% kers decided who would lead after the final DRS zone on the final lap. Only 4 tenths stood between my car and his resulting in the tightest race of the season even if it also meant an even more wrapped up title.

So if the battle for first is over, clearly the attention if any should shift down to the one for 2nd, and that was between me and Douglas. In Germany he opted for a 1 stop which didn't quite work out as it lead to him being outscored by me winning my 2nd GP of the season and bringing the gap down to the smallest it had been all season. Dave was the 3rd highest scoring manager of the GP and in his incredibly close battle for 4th with Hendrik it was also what brought him ahead in the championship again. Despite the good news, it wouldn't last long for him as Hungary ended up being a better result for Hendrik, enough so that he took back 4th again! I too got a decent result which resulted in me being only 15 points off of Douglas with the final 7 GPs left to go!

But unfortunately for me 15 points would be the smallest the gap would get, not being able to show up to the next 5 Grand Prixs ended up being enough kill any chance of a fight for 2nd! So now with 1st and 3rd done with its was now up to Dave and Hendrik to offer up the next highest battle for position and maybe even catch me for 3rd by the end of the season. Europe and Belgium were the exact 2 races that Dave needed to re-claim 4th another time. A win and then outscoring Hendrik by 24 points did some good damage to the point where even a non-scoring Italian GP from Dave still resulted in him being ahead. With Singapore's top 4 being completely locked out by the top 2 teams Hendrik could gain and the two were close, even if it was for the final time that season.

Japan gave Dave his 3rd win of the season, now by the most he had achieved in an elite season of Formula Zero and at the same time moved himself ahead of me in the elite championship to get 3rd position! The next GP was the first since my hiatus from racing and it didn't quite go as planned. A wet race and I had pole. Usually a wet GP means pole wins but as I lost the lead to Dave early on the first lap it quickly became an uphill battle for the top spot. Peter who had just been confirmed as the S41 elite champion on the other hand qualified quite poorly but did a great job to comeback near to the front even if it was spoiled by under-fueling in the last stint. In the end Dave bagged another win pulling him further away from me a little closer to Douglas, but it would have been silly to consider a final change in position in the last GP because of how far away Dave still was from 2nd, a consequence of Douglas' consistent and issue free first half of the season. Dave won again in Abu Dhabi grabbing another 1-5, 3rd in the championship and completing his total of 5 race wins in S41, meaning that this season made up 70% of Dave's entire total of elite victories! That's incredible progress! Wd Dave and GL for S42, keep it coming!

Congrats on the championship Peter! Winning S42 maybe the hardest of the recent ones with Esko coming back and the rest of the tier continuously improving! Let's hope it'll be the fight OFZ has been missing out on for months!

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269 days ago (Last edited by Leo Yeo 5 hours ago)
EOS33 FZW write up:

This season went as I expected last season, Lars and Timothy got their opportunity to fight for the championship and for quite a while it seemed like it could even become a 3 battle for the lead. Timothy took the lead of the championship with a decent 1-3 to kick off the season, it seemed last season's 3rd place finisher wasn't taking any prisoners as he lead the way for the entirety of 1 day. The next GP wasn't as good for him and instead ended up being a 1-3 to Guilherme which strangely enough left both of them behind Lars in the championship who had been consistently grabbing podiums until China. A relatively poor showing for Lars and another victory for Timothy put him in the lead of the championship again and Lars down to 3rd, it really was a topsy turvy season up until this point. And is if it couldn't get more hectic, Bahrain's impressive mix of strategies provided us with a new race winner, Santi, and a new championship leader, Guilherme. It definitely seemed as though the 3 were going to be relentless for the remainder of the season...

And if you really believed that you'd have been shocked to see the reality of the second half of the season. It seemed Timothy found a completely new gear, maybe from being a higher level relative to his opponents, and really started to pull away. Winning every GP from Spain all the way to Europe made the gap pretty much insurmountable and just 3 GPs later Timothy would be crowned as the champion of S33s rookie tier. Congrats on winning your first title, if you keep the sort of pace you showed in the 2nd half of this season pro could be a very successful season for you! Then there was 2nd to decide and unfortunately for Guilherme it seemed he fell victim to trying to compete with higher levelled teams, whether it was lack of experience, resources or activity something dragged him out of the chance to battle for 2nd and Lars was promoted quite comfortably to pro. Well done on finally reaching pro Lars, I hope you do well in the new tier. Unlucky Guilherme, but I feel next season could be the one! Still, you'll have to look out for Krishna, Santi and Hint who all seem to be making lots of progress!
S33 must have been the closest season pro has ever seen! At least it was definitely a far cry from the absolute domination seen just 18 days before! It really was a complete and utter mess and I loved it!

The season was kicked off with the equal highest leveled player of the tier, Cooper, taking the lead of the championship but behind him it seemed almost everyone got into the points, Thimo, James, Spencer, Marty, and Michael all got into the top 10 in the first round and it definitely wouldn't be the last time they'd see the top 10 that season. Surprisingly enough the next GP wasn't won by any of them though, in fact the top two was taken by null-pointers in the form of Thorvald taking what must have been his first FZ win and Red Burro. Cooper got the points he needed to keep first in the championship but another bad result in China was what killed it for him and instead what allowed James to take a win and the lead of the championship. Cooper's result was so bad that even Michael got close and Marty had suddenly also gotten into the mix.

So in no time at all 4 managers where in close enough proximity to take the championship lead at any moment. In the end it was the winner of the Bahrain GP who ended up the leader but surprisingly also least likely one to do it too. Marty won and went from 4th to 1st in no time at all and only helped his championship chances with another win in Spain. It was all looking good for the lvl15 but as we had come to know being in the lead didn't mean you would be keeping it for long and Cooper attempted to reinforce that by almost taking the top position after a 1-2 in Monaco only to miss out by 6 points! Now the championship really was a mess, behind the top two Spencer, James, Michael, Thimo and Thorvald all seemed to also be very close for the top spot too, just a few good results could see them rocketing up to 1st!

But as with all good things, the titanic battle these 7 players were giving us had to slowly fizzle out as the consistent top runners inevitably pulled away and soon we started losing players from the fight. Consecutive good results for Cooper and Spencer brought them right behind their lower leveled opponent and Hungary-Europe it all went up for them and down for an unlucky Marty. After leading the championship for so long 2 GPs getting an average of only 4 points vs the 30+ of his rivals put him in 3rd and with only 6 races to go he would really have to dig in to make up the ground again. But finally Belgium was the beginning of an upwards spiral for Marty as he gained massively on Cooper and only lost 4 to Spencer taking another victory! And even better for Marty, a 1-2 in Italy almost fully undid all the damage done by his 2 rivals over the last few GP putting him points behind Cooper with 4 races to go!

He didn't even stop there, Singapore becoming the 3rd GP in row that he had outscored Cooper and finally after losing the lead all those races ago he had it again with 3 races to space. But it was still silly close between them, around 15 points with GPs? 1 mistake could ruin it all! In Japan it seemed there was only 1 man who didn't make a mistake, and it was Marty, an absolutely dominant 1-2 by 26 seconds gave him a 30+ point lead going into the final two. And he would need every bit of that lead if he was going to keep it after missing Brazil, but that's what he did! Cooper had an open goal to be tied with Marty going into the final GP but Spencer denying him the win (and helping himself in the fight for 3rd with Michael) by a measly 4 tenths meant that it stayed at 7. It all came down to the final 27 laps of the season and Marty made sure it wasn't even a contest, his S S S versus Cooper's M M M, was unmatchable and the lvl15 manager grabbed a 1-2 and his first Formula Zero championship on the final GP of S33. Congratulations Marty! What an amazing championship to win! I hope you do very well and continue to surprise in elite!

Unlucky Cooper, this time you didn't quite make it to the title but at least I'm sure you know where you can improve and that'll all go into your return to the top tier. Thanks Spencer (congrats on 3rd), Michael, James, Thimo and Thorvald for giving pro a fight to remember. I wish you all the best of luck in S34!
Almost exactly as the entire tier had hoped for FZW elite finally got one of it's more interesting championship battles in seasons! With out Connor at the beginning of the season it was difficult to know who'd be the championship contender/s for S33 so things became a little clearer when Joshua won the first GP and took the lead by total of 7 points to me in 2nd. Still, it was just one GP and anybody could still get into the fight with all of the races remaining, instead race two would offer me my first win of the season and put me in the lead of the championship due to a relatively poor result from Joshua.

Nenad, Patricio and Povi were very close in their battle for 3rd too, up until this point none had gotten the big points but all of them managed to get top 7s in both GPs, and even though that didn't change going into China a 4th and 9th from Povi put him ahead of Patricio and only 1 point behind Nenad! Back up to the fight for the lead and it was almost a complete walkthrough from beginning to end for Joshua. From a 1-2 in qually to the 1-2 at the end of the GP virtually unchallenged meant that he retook the lead and the pressure was back on me to take it back! Just to make it doubly hard Bahrain was the same GP Connor returned to racing and he seemed eager to get back into the championship!

In the end a close battle with Connor and seemingly only Connor ended with me as the victor but only stretching the gap by 4 points. The "Blue Rhino" managed to move from 0 points to 5th in the championship in just one race but at this point I was still more worried about the manager right behind, Joshua, who didn't have the perfect GP and resulted in me taking the lead by quite a margin. Spain managed to produce a very similar GP to Bahrain, once again I won and only gained 4 points to Connor as Joshua had another relatively poor showing allowing the gap to open up to over 50 and for Connor to only be 39 behind from being 80 down.

Monaco must have been the biggest surprise of the season, the championship battle was pretty much left unchanged but crucially Chaz was able to convert a pole position into his first elite FZ victory. It wasn't easy, even at Monaco because of how aggressive everyone was off the start dropping him far down the order early one. Chaz fought back brilliantly and got himself the win, moving him up into 7th in the championship and fortunately for me stopping Joshua from completely ripping apart my championship lead! And even more fortunately for me it was Connor who went on to win Turkey while Joshua missed out on double points, handing me a near 60 point lead to Joshua and 70+ to Connor. From here it was just about holding out until the end of the season.

And in Britain I did a great job of holding out by giving away an average of 20 points to both of my rivals. It truly had to be one of my worst GPs of the season as I underfuelled off of the podium and instead Connor drove to a clear win while Joshua completed the podium. So in just 1 GP 1/3 of the lead was gone! Great news for both of the blue teams! Germany provided us with the same close finish it did last season, this time Povi did win and instead Connor was the one who found himself losing the lead on the last lap. Still, it did mean that he would move up to 2nd in the championship and that now after being 80 points behind just 4 rounds before had the gap down to below 40. It was clear who was now the main threat to my lead now, at least it was to me...

Finally we had reached the second half of the season, Chaz had moved himself up into 6th position in the championship now, already a full 2 positions higher than the season before despite also having Connor ahead. Povi continued to hold on to 4th in his first full elite season since he left a few seasons back. And the top 3 were only 40 points apart with 8 GP to go! The Hungarian GP really was a complete mix up, Connor lead the way for most of it, even if it did also mean having less kers than both me and Joshua, but that was only until a poor pitstop sniped him out of the battle for the lead and instead handed me an easy path to victory and Joshua 2nd position in the title race again. But because no one could get a really good result the gaps stayed relatively unchanged for another race.

And unfortunately for me Europe was the beginning of my championship woes, not having internet for a solid 5 GP meant competing with 2 very quick racers on a less preferred device and the cracks really started to show. Connor and Joshua continued to dominate the top 4-5 as I barely scraped keeping two cars in the points with Povi also always being their in case one of us made a mistake so now the gap finally dropped below 40 again. The tier moved on to Belgium where we got a few two stoppers going against a horde of 1 stoppers and it still ended mere tenths between them. Max was the only 2 stopper using SS while Povi was the only one using Softs and they still only finished 5 tenths off of each other, but just like last season it was a 1 stopper who won the GP in the form of Joshua. A solid 1-5 from him meant that Joshua was only ten points from taking the lead of the championship again and a little bit of air to Connor too.

5 GPs were now left of S33 and I wouldn't be showing up to the next 2, and with that news I already convinced myself that I was out of the fight and it was now up down to Joshua and Connor to battle it out for the championship but strangely enough neither of them would take the win in what was a stupidly close Italian GP. Everyone picked the same strategy but no one could compete with the top 3 of Povi, Connor and Joshua, the 3 must have been on very similar terms with kers because all 6 of their cars finished within 1.2 seconds of each other! Povi won and nabbed his 2nd win of the season as both Joshua and Connor amassed enough points to pass me in the championship and create our first lead change since Bahrain.

Singapore is a track where pole can run away with the race and just like 2 seasons before Patricio got pole again. Although this time he wasn't quite able to replicate the magical pace G Wood had that day and instead missed out on a win to Connor grabbing his 4th of the season. With that win he overtook Joshua in the standings again and was now a solid 35 points clear of me he got meaning an 85 point swing from Hungary. So after being far behind for the majority of the season Connor now found himself somehow leading it all with 3 races to go, but that didn't mean the pressure was gone!

Japan proved to be a weirdly indecisive GP for the championship, nothing really moved about, even if you looked down the order we didn't get any new managers in the points and Povi only further cemented his hold on 4th in the championship. I managed to win the GP but unfortunately even that wasn't enough to gain on Connor, so we moved on to Brazil as the hope of a final lead change began to decrease! Joshua and I would need to win to have a solid chance going into the final round, Connor only had to get some decent points to still have the best chance into the finale, but who wants "decent points"? And just as all the other times he had to fight to get the win against what appeared to be a quicker strategy from me and not only did he win but he also got a 1-2 and with Joshua who was already behind having another average GP the gap was only 2 points away from being mathematically insurmountable for the final GP...

So, after what really was one of the more exciting, tragic, confusing and inspiring seasons of elite FZW to date, the tier had reached the finale which was also the championship decider! And for the top 10 it was a lonely GP. Patricio lead the way for the 1 stoppers for the entirety of the GP using Povi's AI 2 stoppers as a way to pull away from the fatal four blue cars behind while I was busy trying and failing to make a 2 stop work around Abu Dhabi. In the end Patricio took a comfortable win to round of the season as Connor finally mathematically wrapped up his 3rd elite FZ title. Congrats Connor, S33 was a great comeback and a good sign going into the future. Unlucky Joshua, the beginning of this season looked quite promising for you but it just didn't go your way in S33, GL for S34. Wd on 4th on your return to elite Povi, S34 could even be your return to the top spot of FZW! And Congrats Patricio for being the last of the 100+ pointers.

Wd Chaz, Nenad (who I'm sad to say is leaving but hopefully will return to FZ one day), David, Mick and Steve for getting into the points this season and GL to everyone for S34, may it be even better than what we saw in S33!

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268 days ago (edited 230 days ago)
To see more write ups and join in with FZ's post race chat, click here:

Extra notes from host:
Activity in all tiers of all leagues is looking awesome. Got some great championship battles atm too. Now is the best time to join to get a good team ready :)

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133 days ago (Last edited by Leo Yeo 132 days ago)

On the 13th of April, Formula Zero finally reached it's 1000th running of a GP, if you missed it, you can still watch the elite GP on YouTube now. Below are some of the most interesting race related stats the FZ leagues' players have to offer!




*1000 time FZ has run a rookie, pro or elite OFZ/FZW GP
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132 days ago (Last edited by Leo Yeo 125 days ago)
Watch FZ's 1000th GP from the pov of a 12 time FZ champion, Leo Y* / / /
Who won FZ's most historic GP? There's only one way to find out!

*Despite the account name, Leo is managing the team for this GP
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46 days ago
Nice...I’m still learning the best for my team...see you guys soon
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33 days ago
Hi how are 
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14 days ago
FZWC S54 Write Up


From the start of the season, Piotr seemed to have the uppper hand in rookie. He won the first 3 races by a few seconds. Although the battle for second was tight after 2 rounds, Simon had 48pts and Maaeten had 42pts. Then in China Darren the manager of Salty Dragons popped in a p2 to be part of this battle for promotion. Although a shock came in Bahrain. Maarten took a 1-2 to really spice up the season, except nothing is decided for another 13 races...

By Spain Piotr was back on form and took his 4th win of the season. However Darren and his salty dragons gained another podium so he can close back in to Maarten  in 2nd. I took 3rd! By Monaco Darren claimed his first win of the season just to show Maarten he was still up for the fight. I set up for the first time in a while at Turkey, and won. Behind me Piotr and Maarten took podium places, and in the championship Maarten lead Darren by 40pts.

Another great win from GB was in rookie. Carl Malin showed his hand with the pole and win. Meanwhile Maarten took a double podium to close the gap in the championship. He was now only 28pts away from Piotr!

Although in Germany, Piotr retook the mojo and claimed his first 1-2 in a while. Which he then followed by anothwr win. And Darren was on the podium for a second half of the season charge at Maarten.

Piotr had a brown spell again and 3 different managers won in the next 3 races. 1 from Maarten to close the gap to 79pts with 4 races left. Carl took his 2nd win of the season in Italy and Simon Haitch won in Europe from pole! (Which he also had in Belgium). Season 55 seems promising!

Maarten took the Singapore double, claiming his 3rd season win. Could he close the 77pts gap in 3 races? With Piotr's consistant scoring it seemed unlikely.

What was evident from the start, Piotr won the rookie championship in Brazil eventhough his closest rival Maarten took another win.

Carl then won his 3rd race of the season in Abu Dhabi.

Gl to all others for the new season!


From Australia it seemed as Chaz (a long standing elite member in Formula Zero) has a great chance to be promoted. He dominated with a 1-2 in the first 2 races. Just like rookie the battle for promotion seemed tight. It will be a dog fight between Pat, Claudio and Ikke. All of a sudden in China, RBA took a 1-2 to take p2 in the standings! Setting us up for a great season. Meanwhile championship leader chaz couldn't go higher than 4th.

In Bahrain Pat seemed to be back in the grove taking the win and putting him into second in the championship. Well done him, it also looked like a 1 stop domination as it took p1 to p8. Look out for the future seasons! In Spain there was another non Chaz win. The quiet manager of Frantxi took the win and put him the closest manager to Chaz who is still consistant and running away with the championship. He them increased his consistancy in Monaco where he doninated with a 1-2 in qualy and the race but it seemed like Frantxi and Pat where still locking horns. As Ikke got a podium to bring him closer. As Chaz extended his championshop lead from Frantxi , Frantxi extended his lead from Pat. However not for long!

Pat took an excellent 1-2 in GB judging the weather perfectly as everyone else fell. This promoted him to p2 in the championship and 18pts ahead of Frantxi. But neither could catch Chaz who got yet again another.1-2 in Germany and Hungary to be over 100pts clear of Pat in 2nd. However Ikke took Frantxi for 3rd and was 40pts away from promotion.

The following 3 races ment Chaz was champion, but all was not over! Ikke won in Italy and was now threatening Pat for p2. 15 pts was the gap.

Pat then won in Singapore and Ikke got nowhere near! Could he in the last 3 races?

No! Pat won in Japan then had a 1-2 in Brazil, this clearly showed him and Chaz would be the managers moving up to the fzwc elite tier.

Gl to Ikke and Frantxi for next season and any one who wants to score well! Gl to Chaz and Pat in elite!

At the start of this season I think everyone expected Povi to dominate again. After China it was a very different story....... A long standing elite member who goes by the name of Kamil had 3 1-2s to start the season with maximum points. He led the field by a clear number of points by this point and the .27 Times elite fzwc Povi by even more as he found himself a long way down the table. Although he was on holiday for part of this season.

Along came Bahrain where Povi scored a double podium to make him Kamil's nearest rival but couldn't stop the polish manager taking 4 wins in a row. He was at a 103pts deficit. But still 13 races left.

Then 5 races in Kamil had 140pts advantage on the field, this was looking like a good season for the lvl20 manager as he claimed another 1-2 in Spain. Although the battle for second was hotting up between Joe, Povi, Atilla and Nils!

In Monaco and Turkey there was a no show by Kamil and Povi which left the door open for the wins. Any guesses? Nils stood up to the pressure are took the win and 2nd in the championship in Monaco. A suprise podium there aswell from Alan Jones could suggest he could be a future challenger. Then in Turkey Atilla claimed a win ahead of Nils who remained p2 in the championship.

In Great Britain, Povi and Kamil returned. But to oppose the start of the season, Povi took a 1-2 very dominantly. Kamil scored decent points comprehending his already demanding lead. Also Matt Rawlins managed to do fantastically to finish p4 with his lower level team.

In Germany it was back to business for Kamil as after the 9th race he had 5 1-2s and a total of 6 wins. This would really need some comeback from the rest of the field. There was great battles further down the table aswell. Atilla lead Nils by 19pts for second, Povi lead Joe by 2pts for 4th and 11th to 16th was tight aswell. At the moment it seemed like an unusual circumstance as Dejan was being demoted with a point on the board!

Hungary seemed to sum up the elite championship, with Kamil taking yet again another 1-2, Attila being 3-4 and Povi a no show.

By Italy, Kamil had 3 more maximums and claimed the championship nice and early just like Chaz! However Phil Hammer had 4 poles at this point and 4pts? He had to break through....

Povi S became the 2nd manager to have 2 wins in elite this season other than Kamil. This all came a little too late....

Especially when he took 2 wins again in Brazil and Abu Dhabi. But by this point Kamil was the champion! With Povi back fulltime next season it will be close!
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Watch the entirety of FZ's first 2 fully uploaded to Youtube seasons right here!

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Champ leaders:
OFZ->Leo Y
FZW->Connor S

The OFZ write up is done! Please read it above!
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The FZW write up is done! Please read it above!
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