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massa will be back in f1?

We Won't know until the deal with Bottas is confirmed first and then waiting until some point in January for Williams to confirm their own line up. But Claire Williams specifically stated that Bottas won't be released until someone as good as Bottas is can carry the team forward and perhaps even help Lance Stroll out as he develops. As you mentioned their only focus is potentially Massa as a solid 1st driver to carry the teams hopes.

If the deal does go on, Williams will make a large saving on Mercedes engine costs in exchange for Bottas.
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I saw a little news piece the other day on the motorsport website that states that Massa has agreed in principle to put off his retirement one more season and see out 2017 in Williams, however since the deal is not yet confirmed there little point wondering about Bottas or Massa yet.
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me too, i'm waiting for it. Bottas could be a good test for Hamilton but, i really don't understand why Massa is coming back hahaha, i think Williams is making a double mistake if so.
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For those not aware :
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saw that. i think it's a good new test for Hamilton, and obviously a huge step for Bottas that is doing really good until now. Let's see how it goes, i think Williams will be closer this year, we will see if it's a good call for Bottas or not that good lol
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muppets we did it!! hahahaha best team radio 2016
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Valtteri Bottas: the next Heikki Kovalainen
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Hello, what do you think about the new cars in 2017? :-)
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Ferrari is a beast and the championship this year will be interesting
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yes, next season looks interesting, many changes and teams are still adapting everything.
i like how the new cars look but, i really hate that "Shark fin and T-wing" blah blah blah looks horrible, wtf? :P

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I agree the t wing they have on the back of the shark fins look like garbage. I do have to say though that Ferrari seem way more competitive, but for Valtteri's sake I hope Mercedes do decent. Would be such a shame for him to get a "big ride" and then Mercedes flop on the ground and not be competitive at all.

I also hope that Massa doesn't absolutely just tank in his "final" season.

Also really interested to see if Haas will do as well this year as they did last year. I hope they do because they are bring more f1 attention to the US which is awesome, but I hope they don't get their hopes up too high.
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Remove the fin and raise the nose, cars look the same as here
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It is an interesting idea to try and make the car lower, but as of now I'm kind of conflicted on how I feel about them. Some look really nice but a couple don't look that great. The new McLaren is now a Marussia and the Force India is flat grey with a little orange striping. Williams and Mercedes haven't changed there livery in 3 years which were initially cool, but now they have kind of just become plain. But the Renault looks really nice, and the Ferrari looks pretty cool. And I don't know why but the new Toro Rosso looks amazing.
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Well... great start, i like this new F1. I think this year drivers are more important than in previous seasons.
After this race, i have more questions than answers and that's how i like F1... a mistery ;)

What you think? is this F1 better than 2016?
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I think it's better than last year.

I was thinking about this, how can Alonso, being such a good driver, made the worst decisions? I think he is not a good F1 champion because of it. Every driver choose where to go when he is a champion or when he is really good but, Alonso has made always the bad move. I mean:
- left Renault when the car was really good
- left Mclaren when the car was really good
- left Ferrari then the car turns to be really good
- went to Mclaren then the car turns to be really bad
what's next? left Mclaren then Mclaren wins the title? :P
poor Alonso but, he drives better than he chooses teams and sorry guys but thats an important part of a champion.
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Am I the only one that see what looks like a downward light under the front of the Toro Rosso today? between the wheels? You can see it lighting up the ground??
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Am I the only one that see what looks like a downward light under the front of the Toro Rosso today? between the wheels? You can see it lighting up the ground??

i didn't see no lights at all. i'll check slow motion tomorrow. in any case, the light didn't help them today

what i saw many times is the brakes in that burning red on every car, that looks awesome.

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you can see it on this video, specially from 24secs

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you are damn right! what the hell is that? it's almost under the cam.
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I am always right*... helps when other people can find vids of it :)

*i might not always be right...

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