New update on Google Play now. Major iOS update within days.

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Thu, 01 Mar 2018 19:07

Note: Also check out our FAQ thread on the forum where I address the most common questions about the update from social media and the blog.

Today a new milestone update begins rolling out to the iGP Manager apps. The update can be downloaded now on Google Play and is coming to iOS within the next few days. It brings many improvements preparing us for the year ahead:

  • New 8K high-definition race-circuit images
  • Improved Engines, Fuel and Tyres with a wider variety of influences on car design and team finances
  • Improved stability and speed of interfaces and servers
  • New video adverts platform
  • More camera zoom in live races
  • Cars now appear under overhead objects on race-circuit maps
  • Fixed chat not working after a race has finished

When this update comes to iOS in a few days the improvements to the interface speed will be instantly recognisable. We just need to make a couple more tweaks before it is ready for iOS.

A note on engines, fuel and tyres

Consider reviewing and revising your suppliers. Their impacts on car design and costs are very different to before. In the end, we opted not to go for percentage-based engine, fuel and tyre supplier attributes, mentioned in the last blog. This favoured players with higher levels and impeded fairness in our tests, and so instead we opted for fixed values. Everyone has access to the same bonuses from each engine, fuel and tyre supplier. However, we kept the concept of having both positive and negative attributes on each supplier, and much larger impacts than before.

Thank you!

Thanks for your patience in waiting for this update. We realise it has been a while in the making, but it’s more than just the improvements on this list. It’s essentially laying a new foundation that will allow us to add more new features and content in 2018. Some fundamental changes to the underlying systems were required, and so a lot of the work that has gone on since our last update has been more technical. You’ll immediately see rewards from that in this update. For example, the improved resolution of circuit maps on all devices and cars passing under overhead objects in a more realistic manner.


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Артём Залогин 189 days ago
Давно никто не писал
Mejarkon Saj 292 days ago
I always update iDevice when they are available with the latest updates. But the new update also seems to have created a bug with my apple id and get notification t to activate your iOS. But it already activates. So how to activate iPhone without apple id can anyone suggest me what should I do after getting an Error connecting to apple id server at
Emoly Fazob 295 days ago
I already know about this the update of google I have used many products of apple that's why I visit this type of site recently I want to delete the Kindle application and I want to know how to remove books from kindle i already visit the website also:-
Troy Jenkins 1 year 153 days ago
Hi, is it possible to make it so you can see the conditions of a sponsor, e.g. 1st place 2nd place or other possibilities?
werner schmidli 1 year 160 days ago
Sehr gute updates macht richtig spass.ich hätte auch noch eine idee.warum begrenzt ihr die motoren nicht bei 9oder 10?dan wird es keine kritik nur eine anregung.
iGP Jack Basford 1 year 167 days ago
Hi Loris, please get the new update that we released yesterday. It should fix this issue. Contact support if you need any more assistance at
Loris Parisotto 1 year 171 days ago
Since the update has been made the game does not work live races. updated google crome but nothing. What should I do?

Oliva Rossi 1 year 173 days ago
How to change the camera on PC? Is it possible? Why the camera is only on the drivers? After the update is different and i i wuould like to have a fixed view..
Felix Perez 1 year 174 days ago
Hi, great action, but I keep adding that when you use the link search engine and the filter is used, the results offered are more precise, for example:

If I look for leagues that start at 11:00 pm to play from Monday to Thursday, I do not need to show me the leagues that are played every day of the week at 22:00.

It would be possible, thank you
Oscar Mendez 1 year 174 days ago
Is it possible to get colored, preferably black wheels, with the new cars?
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