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By Jack Basford
Last updated: Mon, 01 Mar 2021 21:51

Today’s update to iGP Manager introduces the ability to fully customize the appearance of drivers and staff. Ethnicity, hair styles, facial hair, hats, glasses and more can all be customized. Prior to this update, any customization was limited to picking from predefined appearances.

Also, the major update scheduled for Q1 2021 is still set to arrive before April. We’ve been working hard on this all year. The next few updates, including this one, are laying the foundation for a bright future for iGP Manager. Once they are all released, the possibilities will have expanded tremendously.

In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy this new update.

Hair - Dozens of new hairstyles and facial hairstyles have been introduced for this update, and we’ll be open to your suggestions for more to add.

Hats - A new item for iGP Manager, a wide variety of hats can be added to drivers and staff.

Glasses and other accessories - Glasses and sunglasses can also be added, and we’re open to continually expanding the range of accessories available.

If you have any suggestions to expand the list of cosmetic items available, let us know in the comments below!


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Marcos García Fernández 2 years 74 days ago
Gunnar Acagi 3 years 20 days ago
Even among cosmetic updates this is the least important. Is it really matters the appereance of charcters in a dots/cars game? Plus, IMO, faces style is now even worse!

If cosmetic update are needed (and we don't need that until the game mechanics are fixed), then they should concern liveries. Liveries that today aren't so inspired and various.
Patty Black 3 years 42 days ago
After seeing some criticism of us Criticisers, I would like to sincerely thank and congratulate the devs on this game. It is a wonderful game. It truly is. The feat you have achieved with what I presume is a small outfit is beyond my comprehension or skillset. I enjoy the game and the progress it has made in the time I have been here. Please don't think that when we moan about certain updates we are calling the team inept or their efforts sub par. That's not the point or issue...
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Jack Dennis 3 years 43 days ago
Please do not introduce another DRS zone. That would be the death of the lone racer!!
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Facundo Zanuttini 3 years 43 days ago
- iGP Cap Colour Variety. I know that the caps that are for sale are the black ones and therefore it could be used as a promotion, but different colours could be included (like the hairstyle) to adapt the cap colours to the corporate colours of the team and generate more customization, but keeping the iGP logo.

- On hats too, there should be the King's crown! For those with a driver who wins every season the championship, he deserves the crown 👑.

- A Helmet? 🤔🤔

And I would put a mask
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Luke Pincombe 3 years 43 days ago
What a joke of an update
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Matheus Caires 3 years 44 days ago
Matteo Capriotti 3 years 44 days ago
Tell more about Q1 update please
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M. D. 3 years 44 days ago
...after the latest update I have many problems to start the game and while the race again and again crash the game! I use IOS 14.4
Vittorio Vitale 3 years 44 days ago
are you kidding? and a useless update that destroyed the graphics of the race. we want real free practice and real qualifying this is the only update to do
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