AR, Safety Cars and full timing and boost on mobiles!

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 11:54

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Our first major update of 2020 is one of the biggest and most requested updates to iGP Manager, ever! It introduces the safety car, detailed timing and the ability to boost both cars simultaneously on mobiles, AR livery editor, improved connection stability to live races and much more.

New! Safety car

One of the most fascinating aspects of race strategy is the safety car, and now it’s in iGP Manager! Whenever there is an incident there will be a chance that the safety car will enter the circuit and create the same wide variety of strategic opportunities that it does in real life, spicing up the races.

New! Race Interfaces

Not only does the race viewer look a lot better, mobile users now also have the option to see full detailed timing, use boost on both cars simultaneously and much more. Key features of this UI revamp include:

  • Full detailed timing on mobile phones

  • Boost both cars at the same time when you have two cars in your team (new to mobile phones)

  • Totally re-designed tyre history with improved clarity

  • New sleek interface styling with new widgets and better use of colours and gradients

  • Improved rain weather effects

New! Augmented-Reality Livery Editor

Take your car from iGP Manager to reality - see your car on the streets, in your garage or anywhere in the real-world! Using the latest in Augmented-Reality technology you can project your car into the real world for the ultimate team photo.*

Stay tuned to iGP Manager on social media for competitions using this new feature soon!

* Only available on mobile devices with AR support

Better Racing! Custom calendars and revised car development

League hosts can now customise the number of races per season in their league, from anywhere between 15 to 22 races per season.

Car development and setup has also been scaled by tier, to prevent “maxed out” attributes and to scale the challenge of car setup to experience level. The new ranges are as follows:





50 (no change)

1-20 (was 1-50)


100 (was 80)

1-50 (no change)


200 (was 100)

1-100 (was 1-50)

As a result of these changes, all lap records will be reset. In the initial release, the performance of a design attribute with a value of 200 is identical to the 100 in the old system, meaning the gap between teams in all tiers in performance will effectively be halved, increasing the closeness of racing. We are able to adjust these impacts quickly if necessary, and will be monitoring your feedback closely after launch.

Improved connections to live races

This update also introduces a significant improvement to app connection stability. Put simply, these improvements can greatly reduce or even eliminate cases of visual stutters and lag during races, and this improvement will be particularly noticeable on iOS devices when compared with previous versions of the app.

We are not stopping here, though. We will continue to develop and improve the underlying technology, addressing any fringe cases in which this can occur with future updates. This is a top priority as it brings the whole experience together and ensures it’s as enjoyable as possible at all times.

New! Korean and Norwegian translations

As our audience continues to grow, so does demand for iGP Manager in new territories. We’ve seen increasing demand for iGP Manager in Asia and Scandinavia. To meet demand, we’ve added two brand new translations of iGP Manager in Korean and Norwegian.


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Romario Costa 1 year 189 days ago
Levente Kocsis 1 year 189 days ago
It's very good!
Michele Beghin 1 year 189 days ago
Very good!!!
Heinz Nischtuck 1 year 189 days ago
Awful update! Theres no races after that!
Luke Rabson 1 year 189 days ago
Sounds really great! As a new player it's great to know the devs are working hard on an already great game!
md-thumbs-up  2  
Iain Crooks 1 year 189 days ago
Could you possibly amend Quick Race to include the option of choosing which track you would like to race? It can take quite a long time going in and out to eventually get the track you want to race on.
md-thumbs-up  1  
Michael Fritz 1 year 189 days ago
Wird das neue Handydesign auf die Browservariante übernommen? Gefällt mir sehr gut und wäre coll wenn es am Laptop auch so aussieht! DANKE
Francesco Raggio 1 year 190 days ago
As it is now the introduction of flags, VSC and SC is to be rejected.

Without random or accidents you will only see at the end with the bots that have cars destroyed.

I agree with those who say that in the event of an end of fuel, yellow flags are better in micro sectors and not with the VSC.

Instead of the small square of the flag, difficult to see, I suggest coloring the entire background of the message area, perhaps with a flash so it will be more visible.
md-thumbs-up  2  
Gianluca Panzi 1 year 190 days ago
Problem with iPad! No play in the race
Rekatssip Motorsport 1 year 190 days ago
The problem with this safety car thing is that people who aint bothered with the game and dont do setups,race or fix their cars are then breaking down on last lap and robbing people who do play of scoring a win or points if they have strategically saved boost.its not on! Why let these people get to the last lap before they break down? Force them to break down at the start of the race not the end.
md-thumbs-up  1  
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