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Advanced Strategy in a nutshell

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medal 6381 MODERATOR
70 days ago (Last edited by Gustavo Heiden 37 days ago)
1. Introduction
100x100                                    100x100                                    100x74
When track is dry and not likely to change, the managers need to fulfil only the main strategy.

100x100                                                                                                   100x100
But, once it begins to rain they have an important decision to take: use Advanced Strategy (AS) or not.

This small guide is aimed to provide information about the expected behaviours of each available option in the strategy panel. Every piece of information is given only by experience that happened prior this date, as the writer does not have access to the full iGP Manager game code.

2. AS disabled
The managers can choose to not use AS, this means that iGP will pick this tyre compound regardless dry or wet condition. Although, it is also possible to experience a scenario in which the managers did not have time to save a strategy. For those, iGP will pick a default medium tyre for dry races and intermediate tyre for wet races.

3. AS enabled
Once the AS is enabled, it is expected that the race simulator can have 2 extra options when weather conditions change. One should note that every time the manager attends to live race, the AS is automatically disabled for the rest of the race i.e. it doesn't turn back on if you log out. Thus, the managers need to fix all the following stints accordingly to the current conditions.

The screenshot above shows a generic strategy, in which the simulator is going to fit intermediate tyres when water level reaches Xmm and the same compound once rain stops for Y laps. This means that, despite raining or not, the manager is expected to stay on intermediate tyres as long as the track is completely dry, i.e. water level below 0mm. This can mean more than one complete stint.

The second screenshot pictures a strategy in which the simulator choose wet tyres when water level reaches Xmm and intermediate tyres if it stops raining for Y laps (the manager must complete the informed laps). In this scenario the manager is also expected to stay on intermediate as many stints as the track is completely dry.

4. Using AS only for qualifying

It was said in section 3 that AS is automatically disabled when a manager attends the live race, but it should be remarked that it can be used to have extra control during the qualifying session that happens in changeable weather conditions.

Basically, when track is wet and the AS is enabled, the simulator will choose the first AS option tyre if the water level is above Xmm, or the main tyre if the water level is below Xmm. The second AS option tyre is used when there is water in track and it is not raining.

If you want to use a dry tyre in the second option, be aware that it can pick this tyre for your qualifying lap when rain stops. This usually ends up with two different tyre compounds between the qualifying session and the live race grid because when placing cars on grid, the simulator picks the main strategy or the first AS tyre for the grid.

5. Summary

In summary the AS tell the simulator to changes the tyres in those ways:

1. Fit the picked tyre once track level is above Xmm. Also, use this tyre for qualifying if it is raining.
2. Fit the picked tyre if stops raining and you completed Y laps. Also, use this tyre for qualifying if stopped raining and there is still water on track.

6. Final note

I leave my mail box open if you want to share any experience that can help us to provide better understanding in regard to the Advanced Strategy game mechanic.
medal 6381 MODERATOR
66 days ago
Please, I hope you can contribute to improve this guide.

Remember that bugs should be reported in this Forum
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65 days ago (Last edited by Warren The Boss G 65 days ago)
This should really be pinned with the other guides to keep it visible on the 1st page.
medal 6381 MODERATOR
64 days ago
Thanks Warren.

I really hope the weather stops updating when the qualifying session is hapening, as that really does not help the understanding of the logic.
medal 5619
64 days ago
Wouldve been helpful a lot if days ago still helpful tho thanks gustavo 🙂
medal 6381 MODERATOR
37 days ago
With new evidence, I'll need to do a few changes in the wording:

The paragraph that states you will stay on track when stops raining "as long as water level is below Xmm" should be read as follows:

"as long as the track is completely dry, i.e. water level below 0mm"

I'd like to acknowledge Juanito Jones for recording the race and providing all the information I needed.
medal 5813
37 days ago
Those offline races are way too complex sometimes 😂
medal 5804
34 days ago
thank you for this post. very helpful!
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