Introducing Daily Rewards

By Jack Basford
Last updated: Fri, 19 Jul 2019 17:24

Since Daily Rewards launched into the service a couple of days ago, the response to this addition has been overwhelmingly positive. This is probably not a surprise (who doesn’t like free stuff?). There are no plans to change anything else in the game – we just wanted to say thank you to our most loyal players for logging in to iGP Manager every day. This is a feature we’ve wanted to add for a while.

How do daily rewards work?

There are two components to each Daily Reward, a ‘fixed’ and a ‘surprise’ reward. The fixed reward is shown in advance and the surprise reward is one of three randomly selected items that a manager may choose from.

Claim your Daily Reward by clicking on it in the news feed on the home page each day. You can also build a streak of up to 7 days in a row. By logging in every day, your rewards will increase in value.

In other news

We have lots of other work ongoing to improve iGP Manager including introducing new tracks. We are also hard at work trying to resolve bugs in gameplay such as those identified with advanced strategy.

On top of that, we’re also working on revising the Quick Races system to operate without wearing drivers or cars (after our recent survey/poll indicated that this is what you want).

More will be revealed on everything else we're doing over the next couple of months, because we're always pushing iGP Manager to the next level and with your support continually improving the service.


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Daniel Lírio 1 year 10 days ago
Como posso acrescentar os GP do Canadá e França na minha liga?
md-thumbs-up    md-thumbs-down      
Dines Johansen 1 year 27 days ago
Except it doesn’t work - haven’t received it in my stats for a while, so kindof bore some with this initiative if it only work for some and not others..
md-thumbs-up    md-thumbs-down      
Victor Furquim 1 year 30 days ago
It’s being great!!!!
md-thumbs-up    md-thumbs-down      
Jon Barnicoat 1 year 34 days ago
Didn’t realise this was a new feature. Obviously joined at a good time. Enjoying the game. Many thanks
md-thumbs-up    md-thumbs-down      
Manuel Ross 1 year 64 days ago
Thanks, 😍
md-thumbs-up    md-thumbs-down      
Hakan Ahmed 1 year 64 days ago
hello Jack, great work... the free gifts worked for couple days but havent got any today.. not sure if its a bug or not
md-thumbs-up    md-thumbs-down      
Batista Alves 1 year 64 days ago
md-thumbs-up    md-thumbs-down      
Martin Alderson,-Crombie 1 year 64 days ago
Great stuff Jack, loving the free stuff. Here is a little bit of an off the cuff remark, but when you add new tracks can you please take Monaco away. It is such a boring track, once someone has hit the front then it is race over. Or at least change it to make it more competitive.
md-thumbs-up    md-thumbs-down      
Joshua Peifer 1 year 64 days ago
Still would like Driver Errors and/or Crashes. Which with that would call for Safety Car obviously. How often a driver will make a mistake or crash could be determined by the driver's stats. That is all please and thank you.
md-thumbs-up    md-thumbs-down      
Ayrton Senna 1 year 64 days ago
hi jack is qualifying being looked at its quite random at the moment
md-thumbs-up    md-thumbs-down      
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